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heavy-duty vertical cantilever sump pumps

发布时间:2023/2/22 11:07:12


heavy-duty vertical cantilever sump pumps


The vertical cantilever sump pump is especially suited for heavy-duty applications. The wide range of designs, hydraulics and materials makes it adaptable for all types of severe applications.

Main benefits
  • High durability due to heavy-duty construction

  • High reliability and minimum lifecycle costs

  • Maximum adaptability due to a wide range of different hydraulics, designs and materials

  • Can run dry

  • No sealing system required

  • Low and easy maintenance

Main applications

heavy-duty cantilever sump pump is suitable for highly demanding applications such as:

  • highly corrosive, abrasive, encrusting liquid and slurry

  • high-temperature pumping

  • molten metal pumping

Main design features

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • All types of hydraulics available: open, semi-open or vortex impellers

  • No sealing required

  • No intermediate bearing

  • Dry running allowed

  • Discharge separate from the shaftline

  • Bearing assembly is sealed to prevent contamination by liquids or gases

  • Special design for high-temperature applications


• Highly corrosive, abrasive, encrusting liquid and slurry

• High-temperature pumping

• Molten metal pumping


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