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Overview of RV-SP Leachate Pump Products

发布时间:2022/7/16 22:06:53


Overview of RV-SP Leachate Pump Products

  1. It can be used for drainage of landfill leachate catchment pit in thermal power plant, coal water pit in coal washing yard and high concentration waste water containing coal slag.

2. It can be used in municipal, chemical, printing and dyeing, medicine, shipbuilding, foundry, food and other industries to suck thick liquid and dirty.

Liquids, pastes, quicksand and sludge from urban rivers can also be used to remove fluids containing mud pebbles in coal mines.

3. If a hydraulic mechanized earthwork unit is composed of a high-pressure water pump and a water gun, it can be used for land use.

Leveling, dredging and digging of rivers and ponds, excavators and transporters of small-scale water conservancy projects, as well as urban air defense projects and underground works.

4. Waste water containing high concentration of iron oxide scale in iron oxide pits of smelters.

5. The parameters of flow rate and head of conveying medium can be selected by users (flow range 3m3/H-800m3/H, head range 5-300M).


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