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Product Structure of RV-SP Landfill Leachate Pump

发布时间:2022/7/16 22:09:21


Product Structure of RV-SP Landfill Leachate Pump


The pump is a single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump. The fluid flows out along the axis of the pump shaft at 70 degrees. The main components are volute, impeller, pump base, pump shell, support barrel, motor base, etc. The spiral case, pump base, other over-current parts, impeller nuts and so on are 316L casting, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance is good, processing technology is convenient.

The impeller is made of three single-chord curved blades. The semi-open impeller or spiral impeller and malleable cast iron are used. Therefore, the impeller has high strength and corrosion resistance. It is easy to process, good throughput and high efficiency. Three single impeller can play a good role in stirring, replacing the traditional structure of stirring head, reducing the shaft power of the pump, saving the cost of motor matching and electricity.

In order to reduce weight and turning volume, the pump shaft is made of high quality carbon steel cold-drawn round steel or 316L.

There are four skeleton oil seals or machine seals and sleeves in the pump base to prevent shaft wear and prolong the service life of the shaft.

The lower part of the pump body has no ball bearing, which is manufactured according to API610 standard. External cooling water or flushing pipe can be installed outside the pump body. Compared with traditional YW clear water pump, it can transport higher temperature liquid.

The pump can be used vertically or obliquely, occupying a small area. The volute needs to be buried in the working medium to work. It is easy to start without water diversion. The rotation direction should be clockwise from the rear of the motor.

The length of switchboard has various specifications, so that users can choose it according to their use and local conditions.


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